Sciatica And Causes

The search for sciatic nerve remedy is not a new one, and will not end any time soon. Do you know why this is so?
Well, it is because many people suffer from sciatic nerve pain and seek sciatic nerve remedies daily to try to combat the ensuing pain.
While this is not news, you need to realize that many of the people who suffer, or who are currently suffering, from this pain, go for a myriad of sciatic nerve remedies without a thought for what caused them to experience the pain in the first place. That is what is the root cause of the condition?
Why is this important? Well, it is pointless to continue to engage in habits that cause you to constantly need sciatic nerve help because these habits will only ensure that you will continue to experience these sciatic nerve pains no matter which sciatic nerve remedy you go for.
In other words, if you can stop the “cause,” you will make the “effect” nonexistent. So, how can you stop the cause?
Well, you can do so by stopping the actions you take in your daily life that cause you to become susceptible to sciatic nerve pain.
Lets look at 5 of these behaviors and why you need to stop them today so then whatever sciatic nerve remedy you opt for will have a chance to be effective.
#1.    One of the most amazing things which people do constantly is to work for hours on end using furniture or equipment that is not designed ergonomically or that does not come with lumber supports.
Now, that is a plain crazy thing to do in this day and age. Particularly if you hold a job where you sit down for hours on end, think driving or information technology, then you NEED to have ergonomic equipment and furniture.
Guess what happens when you don’t? Well, you will develop sciatic nerve issues and if you go get a massage or surgery, and return to work under the same conditions, you will develop sciatica AGAIN! Cause and effect, period.
#2.    It is also a thing of wonder when I see people who walk, sit, stand, lie down or answer the phone without maintaining straight postures…
That is plain awful. Even if you learned it from birth and have perfected it, you need to unlearn it now that you are and adult and have discovered that it causes you too much grief.
When you stand, walk, sit, lie down or answer the phone, you need to ensure that your posture is erect (forget the military). What this does is that it removes pressure from your sciatic nerve which causes it to relax (the opposite is the case when you do not keep an upright posture).
#3.    You need to skip the junk food, it is called “junk” for a reason you know. Pack a lunch box if you must. Look like the office joker, but make sure you succeed at stopping the pain in your back because ultimately you are the only one feeling the pain.
Instead of junk food, eat a healthy balanced diet. I am referring to; fish, lean meat, vegetables, fiber, fruits, grains, nuts, garlic, magnesium, potassium, eggs, etcetera.
#4.    Don’t lift weights that are strenuous. You should stop applying pressure to your back. If your job requires that you do,make sure you are properly trained or quit.
#5.    When you do sleep, which you need to do regularly, ensure that it is on a firm surface. Throw out that fancy fluffy feather mattress thingy and get firm sensible ones.
Changing your lifestyle, so to speak, is just the beginning. It will ensure that the remedy you decide to use for your condition stands a chance to work.